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Song Connection
2 Jul 2012
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a socially inclusive choir




Connecting people through song by establishing a socially inclusive community choir for people that self-identify as being disadvantaged with an emphasis on those that have been homeless at some time in their life. 


SONG CONNECTION values equity, nurtures the individual character and encourages aspiration and personal development.  Based in Cairns and integrally working with partners to ensure participation is possible through referrals and direct support.




To establish a community performance choir, that will reduce negative social perceptions and raise expectations for people that are disadvantaged.   Based on the model of the “Choir of Hard Knocks” and in collaboration with national Choir Leaders such as Jonathon Welsh and Jenny Taylor, Song Connection will give participants a sense of purpose and aspiration to achieve their best.  By working together with the network of youth care agencies, social services, arts organisations and community groups, SONG CONNECTION will be a “third-place” that participants can go to outside of their normal network of support agencies.




·   To be the best choir that they can be


·   Giving the participants a sense of purpose, raising their expectations, bringing out their best


·   Reduce negative social perceptions and raise expectations for the disadvantaged citizens of Cairns




Project Manager: Melissa Robertson


Project Coordinator: Avril Duck


Choir Leader: Jacqueline Larsen


Project Mentors: Pauli Christi (Youthlink), Jeremiah Johnson (musician), Steve Killili (dancer)


FNQ Volunteers, Cairns Regional Council, Arts Queensland, Regional Arts Fund, ArtsLink, Youthlink, Billy Hydes music store, Vocal Boot Camp, Tropical Arts, Uniting Care Family Support Centre, Contact Inc. (Brisbane), D’Artz @ ARC Disability Services



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