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Blue Gold - Ros Bandt, 2011
7 Jul 2012
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BLUE GOLD is an electroacoustic work for cello and clarinets, sculptures and digital colour field and moving imagery. It investigates the delicate balance between wet and dry, hugros, xeros, symbolised in the colours of the title BLUE GOLD. The performers, cello (wet) and the clarinets (dry), navigate their way through the electroacoustic sound fields sourced from the Southern Ocean underwater recordings, aeolian harps in the arid Mungo desert, flash storms in the bush and the wetlands of the Otway Ranges. The is a excerpt from a live performance at Floating Land 2011 (www.floatingland.org.au). Ros Bandt - www.rosbandt.com Hearing Places - www.hearingplaces.com

Art Climate Change Community Culture Education Environment
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