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Dance For Recovery
10 Jul 2012
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Dance for Recovery was a Project created by Danielle Wilson with the support of Avril Duck and Melissa Robertson working for Connecting Community Voices in the Cassowary Coast, ISAY project, and it was funded by Far North Queensland Volunteers inc,, Queensland and Australian Government, and included other creatives in music, sound and film: Dez Green,  and John and Mark Edwards.

It was held at the Innisfail Shire Hall, June 28th, 2012.

It involved a one day workshop with 25 participants, using movement to explore and heal from the experience of Cyclone Yasi.

They created a performance of silllouettes behind a screen which charted the storm, calm and recovery. The amazing thing was that most participants did not know each other, many were not professional dancers, and the performance took just one day to put together.  Although it also took some vital preplanning meetings by the creative team and great vision for the overall structure by show director Danielle.

I am in the process of documenting this project on film and by audio interview and was the stills photographer.  There is an online film of the performance in production as well by Mark of Mixed Lollies.

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