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JNR Dr Year 1 Whitfield State School, Cairns
11 Jul 2012
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We are Year 1 students at Whitfield State School. We have been using the Green Lane Diary every week. Our school has a Rainforest Plot where we study biodiversity. We also have Storm Water Drains on two sides of our school that lead to the Great Barrier Reef. Everyday students in our class voluntarily patrol the borders of our school to make sure that no rubbish goes down to the Cairns Wetlands and through to the Reef. We have been visited by Tarangoa Blue to learn about the reef. Thank you for sending us the diaries we are learning a lot about biodiversity and are studying cassowaries which are endemic to our area.

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enoler Sun, 29 Jul 2012 2:16pm

 that was a great story i want to save our environment as well so you are doing a great job

thanks whitfield state school