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My Memories of Brisbane
14 Jul 2012
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Brisbane is a gorgeous city. I catch City Cats from Eagle Street Pier to New Farm Park, where picnic baskets are unpacked under the warming sun and the jacaranda flowers of replacement trees.

My memories of Brisbane accompany me as I travel around the world.

At Chinese New Year celebrations in Phuket, I remembered the dragon ride that once soared around the ceilings of the Myer Centre on Queen Street.

In Seoul, when surrounded by concrete spaces, I remember the vast family-friendly lawn of King George Square.

In Nukualofa, when missing the luxuries of home, I remember the warmth and character of the Regent Theatre on Queen Street.

Standing strong is a beautiful cultural precinct that lines South Bank. These galleries, museums and libraries are making efforts to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land in their programs and exhibitions, while just outside, protesting Aboriginal Australians are removed from Musgrave Park.

Blue skies and subtle seasons.

In 2012, the state's government changed. This change has resulted in funding cuts to LGBT support services in Brisbane, and has scrapped state sanctioned civil unions. In 2012, non-heterosexual couples can register their relationship like they’d register their dog. My hobby in Brisbane at the moment is selling Dog Tags For Gays to raise money for essential LGBT services and to wear as a symbol of solidarity (www.offsetart.com.au).

To the people of 2059, I hope your rights have been restored. I hope the queers are enjoying green and inviting public spaces in Brisbane alongside their Indigenous brothers and sisters and others.

I believe our future is bright.

We all have a lot of friends to make.

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