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Coming in from the Storm
17 Jul 2012
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The Group I worked in for Song Trails, Charlee, Rivah and Shirley, created a song 'Coming in from the Storm'.  I think the whole group except for me suggested a cyclone theme for the song.   We settled on the more general idea of storm. The Bridge of the Song went.

Rattle, bang, screech/ Tin on the beach/Eye of the Storm /Just out of Reach

We sang it in concert on Sunday - it was a cathartic experience to write and perform it.


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june perkins Wed, 29 Aug 2012 2:37am

Our Song for those interested went like this

'Coming in From the Clouds'


Coming in from the clouds

Warriors so fierce and proud

Turn this town upside down

Devastation all around 2X


Oh Mother Nature 2X


People try to run away

Batten down the house to stay

Doesn't matter anyway

Oh Mother nature 4X


Rattle bang screech

Tin on the beach

Eye of the storm

Just out of reach


Oh Mother nature 3X

Coming in from the Clouds 3X to fade