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"Where Soldiers Come From"
18 Jul 2012
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From "On the 4th: 'Where Soldiers Come From'":

Here's Bill Bishop in The Daily Yonder covering Where Soldiers Come From, a documentary film by Heather Courtney that follows a group of friends from Michigan's Upper Peninsula as they enlist in the National Guard and later travel to the frontlines in Afghanistan. 

"[T]his is not a war film. It is a narrative about rural America, Courtney said. 'I’ve always felt that rural America is not portrayed very authentically in television or film. That was my main motivation. It started as a coming of age film and [one about] the place they’re from. At its heart it is a film about rural America.'

"Much of the film focuses on the difficulties Dom and his friends faced when they returned home to their small town of Hancock, not the least of which is access to Veterans Affairs (VA) services. 'Our big hospital is about two hours away,' said Fredianelli, who was present at this afternoon’s partial film screening. 'Some people are still waiting for their compensation. If you don’t have a car, there’s only like one shuttle per week down to the big hospital.'

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