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Berkeley Songbirds
15 Jun 2012
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12 months after it's inception, a survey of choir members reveals positive outcomes. Since joining choir the singers are happier, more connected, and have a greater sense of achievement and pride. Comments include: "Have gained some lovely friends. Has been an excellent health positive for me and given me lots of joy and confidence." "The choir has had an enormous impact on me and (notes chronic health issue.) I am still amazed at how singing makes me feel."

Begun as a NSW Dept Health project, the choir was launched as a community choir through the Berkeley Neighbourhood Centre at the International Women's Day concert, March 29 2012.

Supported by a bunch of other terrific community choirs, we sang the finale and presented the World Premier of the original choir arrangement of "Daughters". It was an uplifting and inspiring event. http://berkeleysongbirds.com/2012/03/08/songbirds-rock-berkeley-for-international-womens-day/

Other survey comments: "Great to sing with such a nice bunch of people. Gives an extra spark to life." "I just love it. Thank you. It has made me so happy and the ladies are so welcoming." "A new challenge and important part of my life." "Berkeley rules!!" "I know more people in my community." "Feel more connected." "The choir i feel is sending out a feel good message."

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