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saving our buetiful enviroment
4 Aug 2012
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today, i went to my friends house and the first thing we did was pick up rubish!! My dream since i new what was happening to the enviroment was to be a green lane hero!! Its still my dream to! We went around the streets for 10min, i found cocacola cans, news papers, packets of chips,plastic and a M'c donalds chips packet!! It was disgusting!! And if you'r a person who does not care about the enviroment, learn more about it on the green lane diary website!!

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Green Cross Mon, 6 Aug 2012 12:11pm

Hey Emma, that's a fantastic dream... even if you have to handle some gross rubbish... it's making a huge difference!

To win an award for Green Lane Diary this year, we are looking for people who think BIG and find ways to involve others in their projects....

Can you organise a school-wide clean up day? How about organising a prize for the class who picks up the most rubbish? You might have other ideas also....