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Digital Farm Collective
3 Aug 2012
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From the Digital Farm Collective website:

"As a fourth generation farmer whose land and life are quickly being overcome by suburbia, I was inspired to create the ‘Digital Farm Collective’ to collect and share the images of the most important daily process of agriculture, the growth of our produce. Using time-lapse photography, I have begun the process of filming everything I grow and inviting other farmers to do the same. The arranged short films show a single production cycle of each plant or tree. Footage and interviews of farmers all over the world will be compiled to create an international database, or living library that shares the footage, philosophies, and agricultural data on the growth of our produce to reconnect us with our food and share the stories of the plants and the farmers and families that grow them.


"This website will be the repository for all of the footage that is garnered from our international efforts to document every cultivated plant. It will also be the portal from which we will build unique and inspiring uses for the footage.  These categories will be consumer education, curriculum development, scientific research and resource, and a social network of involved growers and professionals, all which move towards the greater goals of this project to better our global food system.  We can achieve this through our collaborative efforts to build educational models, promote best practices in agriculture, and retain and share cultural knowledge and histories from farmers around the world. 

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