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"The Last of the Pagan Babies"
4 Aug 2012
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From "The Last of the Pagan Babies":

In 2011, The Art of the Rural shared information about a forthcoming film by writer and documentary filmmaker Jean Donohue set to expand the range of references folks might have at hand when they consider Southern, or rural, art. Ms. Donohue's work has been broadcast on the BBC, The Learning and Discovery Channels and on a host of public television stations across the country. Ms. Donohue explains in her biographical statement for the Media Working Group (where she serves as president) that her films are concerned with "art, spirituality, the land, earth-centered consciousness and what it means to be human in relation to the natural world," and also with "women, gay culture and their relationship to society." 

Ms. Donohue's latest project, The Last of the Pagan Babies, stands at the nexus of all of these considerations and promises to share a facet of rural and southern life that's often left out of the picture. This "rich story of a rural Southern radical gay culture and underground" centers around a group of artists who found themselves part of a free-spirited and visionary arts movement in Lexington, Kentucky. Known as "The Pagan Babies," their numbers included Robert MorganJimmy GordonBradley PicklesimerHenry Faulkner, Marion Broadus, and Sweet Evening Breeze

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