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Linda Hygate
24 Aug 2012
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Linda has a passion for agriculture and rural development. She's worked in the field of agricultural production and environmental management for over 20 years, starting in South Australia with stints in western New South Wales, eastern Victoria, Melbourne, Townsville and has recently moved to Brisbane to pursue her passion for environmental management for the sheep and beef industries across Australia.

Linda is passionate about recognising the role that women play in rural and regional development and the challenges that exist while living and working in these environments. She's also passionate about bridging the difference between food production and urban consumers and recognises and understands the growing divide between producers and consumers with a foot in both camps and the ability to see the different perspectives.

After a career spanning agricultural consultancy, research and policy analysis (primarily in livestock production), Linda retrained in Environmental Policy and Education in 2007. Wishing to be closer to family located in South-East Queensland, she sought employment in Queensland. After spending nearly four years in North Queensland, she moved to Brisbane in late 2011. This provides a wonderful opportunity to combine work, family and great friendships.

Linda has formal qualifications in Agricultural Science and Economics, Environmental Policy and Education and Program Evaluation. Her other passions include reading, travel to new places, bush walking, writing and spending time with friends and family.

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