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Evidence of climate change on Fraser island
5 Sep 2012
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Few people venture along Fraser Island's western beach to observe these stumps that are remnants of giant rainforest Satinays (Syncarpia hillii). 10,000 years ago when the sea level was more than 120 metres blow its present level, all of Hervey Bay was a covered in forests. The sea levels rose cutting Fraser Island off from the mainland and eroding away the dunes that were entombing these remnants of a once grand forest. This is just one reason why Fraser Island is so special.

The exposed sand cliffs in the background show the soil profile of one of the deepest podsols known to scientists. This is another reason why Fraser Island is a World Heritage site.

But there are other reasons — Fraser Island was inscribed for its superlative natural phenomena and areas of exceptional natural beauty and aesthetic importance and that would require many more postcards.

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