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With One Voice - May 2012
6 Sep 2012
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The With One Voice social inclusion community and workplace choir programs aim to recognise each unique voice. The choirs bridge social capital and assist those in need to develop a sense of belonging, new networks and employment pathways. Participants develop leadership potential, build self esteem, communication and creative skills. They also learn how to work as a team.

With One Voice choirs involve members of the general public and employees from various businesses, disadvantaged people and migrants. The choirs rehearse with a top choir leader and there are performances scheduled for special events. Catering is provided as well as Allan's Music discount cards for all members.

CA currently targets low socio-economic areas of Melbourne, areas with a high instance of new migrants, and other areas in need of connecting as a community. We encourage involvement by and actively connect with all members of the community crossing a wide variety of cultures, religions and abilities.

When many diverse voices come together as "one voice", the outcomes are transformational.

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