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Adam Naish's Neighbourhood
12 Sep 2012
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Hi, and I am Adam Naish and I'm ten years old. I live in Ormiston, Australia. By the time you’ve opened this time casual the house may not look like this, but I can assure you it was beautiful. We had a spa, a pool, a veggie garden and a trampoline. We lived right next door to the eucalyptus gum trees and all the koalas, as well as some snakes. Our next door neighbor has a pet dog that’s a German Sheppard. His name’s Storm. A few houses up are Talia and her brother’s house. My sister and I sometimes play with them. Next door to Talia is my best friend Dylan. They have a dog called Jadsia. Two things a. I for some reason don’t get allergic reactions from Jadsia and b. She’s called Jadsia because the J stands for Jordon whose Dylan’s brother, the A is for Adam whose Dylan’s Dad, the D is for Dylan and the S is for Sue whose Dylan’s Mum and then they just added A to the end. This dog’s very playful. Dylan has an X-Box, a Flat-Screen TV, a trampoline, a pool and Adam. Most of the time me and Dylan just play tennis, soccer, and handball or even hit tennis ball on people’s roof’s and make a run for it. We live right near OC standing for Ormiston College who’s at the moment glad to be in the State’s Top 8. My teacher is Mrs McNab and I’m in 4MM (Year 4 and I’m in Mrs McNab's class) and we’ve just had Parent Teacher Interviews and I got really good feedback from my parents and I got ¼ of my stuff back that I taken from me because I got in trouble.

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