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Hands up!
18 Sep 2012
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“Hands up if you have ever cleaned up marine debris on your beach. Hey kids look Dune Dude has!’ This opens one of the five or six scene scenarios that ‘Captain Coastcare and Dune Dude’ developed in their South West Catchments Council (SWCC) coastal environmental education performance and associated activities. ‘Captain Coastcare’ the all-knowing environmental guardian of the dunes and beach is plagued by Dune Dude, the young surfer who makes all the mistakes, drops litter, brings his dog into National Parks, doesn’t use beach access tracks, doesn’t understand about fishing for the future or the plight of the Hooded Plover. The funny, colourful and flamboyant performance at primary schools then sets the scene for a number of follow up activities that further develop and reinforce the positive coastal stewardship messages. Teachers and children love the engaging nature of the schools package delivered as part of this Dune Dude program and SWCC’s expectation is that the school will become involved in on ground active citizenship volunteering on the coast as a result. Expectations have been more than met and over 600 ‘Dune Dudes’ children have been involved in coastal restoration projects with SWCC since July 2011.

Environmental education
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