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So many memories - By Una Tice
20 Sep 2012
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I have many happy memories of performances in the City Hall auditorium. While still at high school I attended the ABCs First Youth Concert on 28 February 1948 and every following one until 9 October 1956. I still have all the programmes, and others from plays, choirs, concerts and balls which were very popular.

As a child my daughter Dianne enjoyed performing in 'Christmas in Storyland' and in the breaks she and her friends had a wonderful time exploring the surrounding corridors (no doubt 'out of bounds'). Later on her TAFE graduation ceremony was held there.

In more recent times the Seniors Christmas Concerts were a big success.

The City Hall is a really beautiful historic building. I'm so thankful for the rsetoration to which in a small way I have contributed with donations with my rates payments.

Written by Una Tice

City Hall Family Memories
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