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Keeping our Area Clean
23 Sep 2012
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In the grade 4/5 class at Nunawading Christian College, we are making posters about helping the environment and not littering. At our school, we feed our food scraps to the chooks and we have a veggie garden where we plant veggies and fruits. We are trying to save energy as much as we can.

The grade 4/5 class is going to Blackburn Lake and picking up rubbish. We are sometimes very surprised at how much litter is near the lake. We learnt about how storm water from our school is going into lake.

Our school is doing Nude Food Day this year, this is a day when you bring your food to school without any rubbish such as plastic. Last year, there was a huge difference in the amount of rubbish.

We are trying to be an environmentally school in all ways!

community environment garden 4/5 Grade School
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Green Cross Wed, 26 Sep 2012 4:02pm

That's great!