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Recycle! Recycle! Recycle!
23 Sep 2012
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I am a very creative person and I love to make things. When ever I see something in the bin I think of ways I can use those items. I can build model houses with cardboard boxes and I have also turned a milk carton into an underwater periscope. I love recycling and I am very passionate about it. I hope to see other people recycling as well!

At my school, I am making posters about helping the enviroment we will put these posters up in the school hallways and encourage others to help the enviroment. Younger kids at my school are already learning to feed their scraps to the chooks.

I have a huge garden and on the weekends my dad, my sister and I go and pick veggies and plant new plants. We see a huge difference in how many veggies and fruits we buy. I encourage others to have a garden. Gardens can be cheaper than buying fruits and veggies from the shop.

In my home instead of turning on the lights we let sunlight in our windows. We always try to save energy. Not only because of tax but to help the enviroment.

I am trying to help the enviroment in as many ways as possible and I hope others are too!

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