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Why We Do What We Do
26 Sep 2012
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We're Sonia and Bruce Christie. Along with our family, we run Eastwood which is a 1000 hectare grazing property near Lue in the Central Tablelands of NSW.

We have predominately native pastures on open grassland and areas of light to heavily wooded timber.

We run breeding cows, merino wethers and boar goats.

On Eastwood we have implemented a time controlled grazing system. This has allowed us to increase our carrying capacity and improve our ground cover and diversity of native oeriennial plant species.

We monitor improvements using step point, landscape function analysis, biological and chemical soil testing, water quality testing, grazing charts and photo points. The Australian Museum is collecting weather data and biodiversity information through species richness surveys. Our soil carbon is monitored through Soil Watch testing sites. Diversity of bird species is also monitored.

Water quality is very important to our business. We use reticulated ground water forour stock and aim to improve water quality through riparian fencing and maximising ground cover. We use our riparian environment to filter surface water resulting in improvement in the quality of water that leaves our property. Water test results are recorded on the Water Watch Website.

Where possible we use biological control to reduce our weed and pest animal numbers.

Renewable energy is used where possible. Solar panels are ultilised to pump stock water, generate hot water, run electric fences and return power to the grid. A quad bike converted to electric enable quiet handling of stock with reduced reliance on fossil fuels.

We use stress free stockmanship methods with our stock. This improves production, enables easier, safer handling and makes for happier animals.

Previously gully erosion has been repaired but find this unnecessary with our increased ground cover and reduced run off.

On Eastwood we continually strive to improve our productivity, quality, environmental performance and animal welfare. We consider ourselves short term stewards or custodians of the land for future generations.

The direct connection between how the food we all eat is produced and our health starts from the soil up.

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