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Tin Can Bay Seafood, Boat and Camping Show
30 Sep 2012
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 On Saturday 29th September, the Gympie Get Ready Gympie Get Ready Resilience Program teamed up with SES, EMQ and the Local Disability Coordinators to have a presence at the 2012 Tin Can Bay Seafood, Boat and camping Show.  As a main event on the CDO workplan, as well as our regular Gympie Get Ready Program resources, we had a wealth or preparedness resources provided by EMQ, free Queensland maps from RACQ, torches, whistles and show bags.   We also engaged people in the Seeds of Hope program and facilitated an engagement activity with community by asking things like what’s great about Gympie and what makes a great community. 


We created a lot of interest in all the program aspects and with over 10,000 people at the event, the only shame was that I did not get to see anything outside our stall area.    


Paul from Win News promised to put the Resiliience Toolkit under his Editors nose,.  So we shall see if he does.  I made the huge sunflowers at work on Wednesday, after our planning meeting on Tuesday. The big one is made from recycled MDF and is really heavy and strucurally sound.

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