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Quarrying the stone for the City Hall foundations
4 Oct 2012
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In 1921 Ted and Maud Aylward and daughters Rita, Eileen, Dorothy and Ethel, moved from their home in Wooloowin, to a bark and corrugated iron shed on "Cushleva", the property of C. F. Marks at Camp Mountain, near Samford. Ted supervised the stone masons, cutting and carting of the large granite/granodiorite blocks for the City Hall foundations. They were dragged on a trolly pulled by drafthorses, Paddy and Dandy, to the nearby rail line, loaded with a wooden derrick on to wagons, then hauled by train to Roma Street. Three of the Aylward girls attended Samford State School until 1923. In 1924 the family moved to their newly built home in Gordon Park (Kedron). This home is still owned by Aylward descendants. The photograph, taken in 1921 or 1922, shows the stone masons at the Camp Mountain quarry. Ted Aylward is in the back row third from the left.

City Hall 1921 AylwardFamily CampMountain construction
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