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WildlifeQldPostcard Dugong
8 Oct 2012

Dugongs are strange and wonderful looking sea creatures, but unfortunately they are underthreat. We’d love them to stick around in Moreton Bay, so we need to keep their favourite food,seagrass, plentiful and healthy. Seagrass meadows form one of the most important marinehabitats globally and occur in shallow coastal waters including Moreton Bay. Unfortunatelytraditional boat moorings rip out seagrass as the chains drag on the sea floor. SEQ Catchmentsis working with the community and government departments to help local boat owners replaceexisting moorings with environmentally friendly ones. These new moorings have minimal contactwith the sea floor, allowing seagrass beds to recover, ensuring plenty of food for Moreton Bay’sbeloved Dugongs.Dugongs are a priority species for conservation in South East Queensland.

Brought to you by SEQ Catchments and Wildlife Queensland, funded by the Australian Government's Caring for our Country and Queensland Government. Photos by www.ataglance.com.au (left) and Healthy Waterways (right)

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