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WildlifeQldPostcard Macadamia
8 Oct 2012

They may be known as one of the finest nuts in the world, but ever wondered where the nut thatmakes your cookie so special actually comes from? All four macadamia species are native toAustralia and found right here in South East Queensland. Macadamias are also the only Australiannative plant crop that has been globally traded as a food source. But unfortunately it is not allgood news - in the wild they are threatened with extinction; much of their rainforest habitat hasbeen cleared, particularly in lowland areas. SEQ Catchments is working with the MacadamiaConservation Trust, landholders and government to help keep wild populations of macadamias intheir native habitat – let’s make sure we don’t lose this Aussie icon from the wild.

This postcard was brought to you by SEQ Catchments and Wildlife Queensland, with support for the Australian Government's Caring for our Country, the Queensland Government and the Macadamia Conservation Trust. Photo by Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

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