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WildlifeQldPostcard SwampteaTree
8 Oct 2012

The fluffy white flowers on the front of this postcard belong to Swamp Tea-tree (Melaleucairbyana) - a shaggy and twisted, small to medium sized tree with papery bark and tiny leaves.Swamp Tea-tree grows in forests found only in South East Queensland (SEQ). These forests areloved by many wildlife, such as koalas, frogs and orchids. The native grasses on the forest floorare good for kangaroos and livestock. With only 8 per cent of this critically endangered forest nowremaining, SEQ Catchments is working with local landholders, governments and the GreenWorksProgram to protect and restore areas of this unique forest in a way that complements and addsvalue to existing land uses. It may not be a towering rainforest, but we think it’s pretty special.Swamp Tea-tree is a priority species for conservation in SEQ.

This postcard was brought to you by SEQ Catchments and Wildlife Queensland, with support from Caring for our Country and the Greenworks program. Photos by Glenn Leiper

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