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Tanaya Bulloch & Dad
17 Oct 2012
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Collinsville Memorial Day - 13th October 2012

"Collinsville's Blackest Day" The significance of October 13 is that in 1954 seven coal mine workers died in a Carbon Dioxide (C02) outburst at the State Mine Number 1 Tunnel. These men were violently ripped from their families, they had their lives stolen from them, never ever to return. "A lack of safety equipment and communications hampered rescue efforts." In honour of these men, we gather here every year on the 13th day of October, united in grief. We pay tribute to miners who have worked in the mining industry and have inherently accepted the risk of injury and death to be a consequential reality of past mining practices. Today that is not acceptable. Whilst we accept that coal mining is a hazardous industry, mine workers families have a right to expect that when their loved ones start their shift, they will come home safely.

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