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Demonstrating Student Success
19 Oct 2012
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"Beginning with a brief history of assessment, the book explains how to effectively engage in outcomes- based assessment, presents strategies for addressing the range of challenges and barriers student affairs practitioners are likely to face, addresses institutional, divisional, and departmental collaboration, and considers future developments in the assessment of student success. One feature of the book is its use of real case studies that both illustrate current best practices in student affairs assessment that illuminate theory and provide examples of application. The cases allow the authors to demonstrate that there are several approaches to evaluating student learning and development within student affairs; illustrating how practice may vary according to institutional type, institutional culture, and available resources. The authors explain how to set goals, write outcomes, describe the range of assessment methods available, discuss criteria for evaluating outcomes-based assessment, and provide steps and questions to consider in designing the reflection and institutional assessment processes, as well as how to effectively utilize and disseminate results." (State Library of Queensland, 2012)

Bresciani, Marilee J.; Gardner, Megan Moore; Hickmott, Jessica 2010, Demonstrating Student Success : A Practical Guide to Outcomes-Based Assessment of Learning and Development in Student Affairs, e-book, accessed 19 October 2012, <http://slq.eblib.com.au.ezproxy.slq.qld.gov.au/patron/FullRecord.aspx?p=911867>.


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