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The Boite (Vic) Inc - Programs with Health Benefits
22 Oct 2012

The Boite (Victoria) Incorporated is a multicultural music organisation based in Melbourne whose programs contribute to a healthier society. The Boite has been organising Melbourne Millennium Chorus since 1999 and the Boite Schools Chorus since 2004. These are huge, annual, Victorian statewide inclusive choir events. They have had a major impact on our own lives and have transformed the lives of thousands of individuals young and old over the years. They also break down barriers on racial grounds and links with people in South Africa and Timor-Leste.The Boite's singing projects started with vocal workshops in 1985, well before research data was available supporting the health benefits of being involved in choirs was available. It was inspired and informed by the writings of English singer, teacher and social worker, Frankie Armstrong.The MMC and BSC currently involve 300 adults and 1000 young students each year rehearsing in over 50 locations. They come together for high profile public performances in about 6 separate concerts across the state.The projects are directed by outstanding Australian music and choir directors supported by the Boite with over 30 years experience organising festivals and events. The project is designed to encourage the formation of choirs in the community, not compete with them. The health benefits of programs such as this are now clear though recent research into singing and choirs. The Boite's program is expanding.

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