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Hinchinbrook Preparedness volunteer training
29 Oct 2012

Friday 26th & Saturday 27th October were earmarked for volunteer training for cyclone preparedness.Refresher Training was run for Evacuation Centre volunteers on Friday with Red Cross training scheduled for the Saturday. The evac centre refresher was full of useful information & the volunteers provided helpful feedback, unfortunately due to the timing, the volunteers were all Council staff which really doesnt address the problem of filling the gap for evacuation centre management in the initial 2 - 3 days of an eventbecause the Council staff will be occupied at Council managing the event.

Darryl Hanger from the Red Cross was quite pleased with the attendances & believes we can work on building the numbers. The local branches of Rotary & Lions are always a good avenue for support in disasters & I will be approaching them in the near future to see what support is available. 

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