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At the launch of the GWIB Latte Lounge - a Resilience Program Partner
31 Oct 2012
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This is a copy of Cr Rae Gate's speech given at the launch of the Latte Lounge (wednesday 31st October 2012). The Latte Lounge is a new Women's Leadership Hub, which is to provide a permanant home for the Gympie Get Ready Resilience Program and act as the central meeting place and hub for Resilient Leaders in the Gympie CBD.

Cr Gate's Speech

Gympie Regional Councils Community Recovery and Wellbeing Program, and in particular the Resilience Leadership Program is proud to support Gympie Women in Business, in bringing the Late Lounge to life. 


Born Creative and Gympie Women in Business have been program partners of the Councils Get Ready Resilience Program from the outset.


From the design and layout, of our now globally appreciated Resilience Toolkit, design advice on associated program materials, right through to even supporting other councils in creating copies of our original idea, to reflect local their respective areas local context. The team at Born Creative have been behind us.


Shannon and her team continue to demonstrate that they get Community development and what we at the Council are trying to achieve through our Community recovery work and the Gympie Get Ready Resilience Program.


When our CDO Michelle and Shannon began discussing all the opportunities the Late Lounge concept would offer the women of Gympie, they immediately realised the natural relationships between the goals and aspiration s of the Late Lounge and the aims and objectives of Gympie’s Resilience Leadership Program.  From here it didn’t take long for the partnership between the Late Lounge and the Resilience Program to take flight. 


In response to various communities across Gympie identifying the need for improved communication and connection, not just during times of flood and extreme weather, the Resilient Leaders Network idea was born.


With 30 local leaders half way through their four day Volunteering Queenslands’ Resilience Leadership Training Program, we are well on the way to building our Leadership Network.  We also have a Facebook page devoted to the network, called Gympie’ Resilient Leaders Network.   


We’re excited that the Late Lounge will provide a central home for the Resilience Program, right here in the CBD, will support our women leaders and provide a space above the flood zone to be used as a hub for our Resilient Community Leaders, during unexpected emergencies, extreme weather or just to catch up and network. 


This is a great innovation and Shannon, and everyone with the Born Creative and the Gympie Women in Business Crew are to be congratulated for bringing this vision to reality.


I’d like to present Gympie Women in Business a small token of our respect for our partnership (present framed certificate) as we look forward to working towards building even greater community resilience in the Gympie community together in the months and years ahead.


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