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Westbrook Artists' Site
6 Nov 2012
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Located in Madison County, Iowa, The Westbrook Artists' Site operates as "a project for exploration of the post-industrial rural condition." We are excited about their mission statement:

The Westbrook Artists’ Site (WAS) explores the continuity between rural and urban contexts. If the rural is typically viewed as what was left behind in the process of urbanization, WAS insists, to the contrary, that rural life and landscape need to be seen as vital parts of a system that is urban and rural. WAS cultivates art and design as purposeful interventions within such an interconnected system. The WAS project mission challenges participants to find and explore the connective tissue binding rural and urban worlds and to create modes of address that speak from a rural landscape to both rural and urban audiences.



Design Multimedia Painting Photography Sculpture Avant-Garde Community Cross-Cultural Culture Innovation Rural - International Rural-Urban Suburbs Museum/Exhibit Project/Initiative Midwest Photographer Visual Artist Iowa
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