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Module 3 Week 11 Plagiarism
12 Nov 2012
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“You are a marker/tutor marking an assignment within your discipline. There are sixty assignments that you are marking as part of your allocated marking load. As you almost complete the marking you observe that two assignments are remarkably similar in terms of the writing, common phraseology etc and you are professionally troubled by this. Although you don’t have conclusive proof, you suspect that plagiarism may be involved. so you have talked to the two students involved but they have denied any complicity.”

Guidelines outlined by the academic institution need to be followed. In this instance, according to the CQUniversity Plagiarism Procedures document, ‘the marker, Course Coordinator, or nominee, completes a plagiarism incident report within the Academic Misconduct Database. All appropriate details, including relevant assignments and supporting evidence, are attached to the plagiarism incident report within the Academic Misconduct Database.’

The policy details levels of plagiarism offences and the student’s rights of appeal. In the above example, there are several possible explanations for the similarity of the assignments. Perhaps the two students in question were working on their assessments together or had been discussing the assessment criteria in depth.

It is worthwhile discussing these scenarios with the Course Coordinator or the head of the faculty particularly ff the students have good academic records and no previous indications of plagiarism.


CQUniversity, Plagiarism Procedures, Version 7, retrieved 12th November, 2012


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