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First Round Feedback on Draft National Arts & Health Framework - further feedback required
20 Nov 2012
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This is a summary of the first round of feedback we have received on the Draft Framework on Arts and Health. This Draft Framework was prepared by the Ministerial Working Group for the Standing Council of Health Ministers. The membership of this group can be found in the documents tab of the National Arts and Health Policy Forum Project here on PlaceStories.

In the four weeks since our receipt of the Draft Framework we have uploaded it to our two websites and written to 2,470 individuals and organisations working in the arts and health sectors alerting them to the Draft Framework and requesting their feedback on it.

We have also run a very successful session at the Regional Arts Australia conference which included an opportunity to promote the Draft Framework and solicit feedback and organised a breakfast forum and presentation at the International Art of Good Health and Wellbeing Conference, Fremantle later this month.

You should read this feedback in conjunction with the Draft Framework which found under the documents tab of the National Arts and Health Policy Forum project.

You will have your own views on whether the Draft Framework will address the issues that you think are important to those of us working in the arts and health sectors.

We are keen to hear your views, so please use this opportunity to influence Australia’s first national policy on arts and health.

We need your feedback by 5pm Sunday 2nd December 2012 to: policy@artshealthfoundation.org.au

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