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The Babyfacedassassin: Advocate for the Creative, Embodiment and Sacred Arts
19 Nov 2012
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The World Health Organization predicts that by 2020 depression will constitute the second largest disease burden worldwide. This means the human species of 250,000 years old is now plagued by sadness, or at worse, no feeling at all. Can you relate to this?

The History of Mental Health Care is replete with stories of suppression, misunderstanding and stigma. It is time to refuse to accept the medicalisation of moods, emotions, thoughts and behaviours as a voice of authority and expand our knowledge and education of other paradigms that can foster Mental Health Care.

The Babyfacedassassin believes that the current Mental Health Care system is an uninspiring, medicalisation of the natural tendency of an individual to experience intense emotions and is much more interested in promoting ways that support the individual to evolve through psychological challenges rather than suffer from a diagnosis of mental illness. These diagnoses breed victimisation and disempowerment and unfortunately lead many to believe that they are sentenced to a life of medication and inadequacy in the face of psychological distress.

The Babyfacedassassin’s mission to improve Mental Health Care is motivated by the following:
  • To empower individuals to self-advocate for their Mental Health Care needs.
  • To create acceptance whereby psychological distress has been met with fear, judgment and oppression.
  • To promote non-medical paradigms for educating the community to care for their Mental Health.

The Babyfacedassassin upholds a vision for a world which draws from the Creative, Embodiment and Sacred Arts to foster community Mental Health Care and to educate individuals to manage their own Mental Health. She believes that the human condition is laced with episodes of depression as it is joy and that our focus needs to be on how we support our selves and each other through our psychological challenges, rather than dismiss them as illegitimate human experiences and define them as illness. The Babyfacedassassin is passionate about how we can exercise self-sovereignty for our own Mental Health in empowering, sustainable ways that contribute positively to the community.

The Creative, Embodiment and Sacred Arts are fundamental to wellness simply because they exist within our very beings, are accessible to everyone and are not exclusive to whether you are receiving medical treatment or not. These Arts relate to the nature of every man and woman, and encourage the individual to look to their inner-resources for support, while also engaging with the community to collectively share in the healing experience.

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