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The last concert at City Hall before restoration commenced.
22 Nov 2012
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Brisbane City Hall—Main Auditorium The big day finally arrived. July 7th, 2009. On this day we celebrated our 125 year heritage with the citizens of Brisbane in the place where both our first concert and our 100 year special Centenary concert were held. We arrived by 9.30 to be ready for the sound guys at 10. It didn't happen– the piano tuner was still tuning till about 10. 30. The Guest Artists were “sounded" first and by 11.00 we had our turn at practising on stage and getting the fold back levels correct for both the choir and accompanist. We were pleasantly surprised by backstage visits from Diana Howell and daughter Grace, also John and Pam Hopsick, dropping in to wish us well. We marched on to warm applause from an audience well into the hundreds. Malcolm introduced Michelle and Margaret, and the concert commenced. Richard Kwan joined the ranks to support his former choir , while we were sorry Ed and Doug could not be there because of illness. George was also missing—he would have been thrilled to hear the first performance of his composition , Queensland We Love You. We had fine support from the 3 Guest Artists, Elizabeth Hood, Jacob Alchin, and Neil Ballment. The signs made by Keith looked good both sides of the Choir, and an Apollo banner also hung from mid-air above us. Flowers and chocolates were presented at the conclusion of the program and Michelle and Ross cut the special (imitation) birthday cake . Michelle invited all in the audience to join us as we sang You'll Never Walk Alone. Our thanks to Keith for making the concert in the City Hall possible , and for all the work he did behind the scenes.

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