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Life as a 2 year old
24 Nov 2012
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Who is Zoe? I am mischievous and adorable. I like roughing it with my big brother Izaac who I love more than air itself (just don't tell him that). I love playing with my dolls and all my fav toys - sheepie, zebra, penguin, dora, etc etc etc. I'm a bit obsessed with teething rings at the moment but mummy says this phase will pass when I finally get all my teeth, hopefully then my hair might start growing too as mummy gets upset when people assume I'm a boy (that's why you'll find my wardrobe full of pink and ruffles). My fav foods are fish, citrus tarts, yoghurt, apple and boobie milk - yep that's right, even though I'm two and it's starting to become socially unacceptable that I still breast feed I just can't get enough of boobies boobies boobies :-) I am going through a phase where I scream bloody murder whenever I'm in the car, no matter how hard mum tries to appease me I just can't seem to help myself and I insist on screaming a gutteral feral scream which any passers by would mistake for me having lost a limb. Daddy in particular hopes I grow out of this lickity split otherwise he might actually follow through on his threat to trade me in for a quieter model. But all in all I have a pretty great life full of playtime and stories and singing. I love my mummy with every ounce of my being and cuddle her every day to make sure she knows she is loved. My daddy is super fun (when he's not in a grump) and Izaac is the best brother a girl could ask for, he gives me cuddles when I cry and makes me laugh when I'm sad. He helps me reach for high things and will play tea parties just cause he knows I like it. He's my best friend :-) Yep being 2 ain't so easy, that must be why mum always says "with that attitude, Zoe's 2 going on 13" :-)

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