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Critic Dave Hickey Condemns Contemporary Art World
10 Dec 2012
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Seminal art critic Dave Hickey recently sat down with The Guardian Observer and turned many a head, explaining his desire to leave the critique world and decrying the affluence and self-indulgence plaguing much modern art: 

"Art editors and cirtics – people like me – have become a courtier class. All we do is wander around the palace and advise very rich people. It's not worth my time."
Hickey says the art world has acquired the mentality of a tourist. "If I go to London, everyone wants to talk about Damien Hirst. I'm just not interested in him. Never have been. But I'm interested in Gary Huge and have written about him quite a few times."
If it's a matter of buying long and selling short, then the artists he would sell now include Jenny Holzer, Richard Prince and Maurizio Cattelan. "It's time to start shorting some of this shit," he added.
Find the entire Observer piece here.


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