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Living Brisbane
12 Dec 2012
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A Brisbane boy, born & bred Raised amongst the backyard sheds Lego cars and sticks for toys Father calls out "stop that noise!" Games below the Mulberry tree Banana shoots and mango leaves Schooled by crows and magpie beaks Stormy hours, arid weeks Dragged up with my mates & foes The world was far, the city close Expo came and blew our minds Throwing off the river's blinds Rebellion on the downward track Walked to Coot-tha, out & back Studied less than grades deserved Lucky breaks and dead ends swerved Griff-TAFE called then QUT Passions found taught minds to see Market Days by Triple Z Livid moments filled my head Crash & Burn 'til Victory Lovers lost and found and freed Faith placed in the Planner's dream Bums on seats, a bridge, a scheme Cafes burst with coffee beans City, Valley, West End scenes Out amongst the world to find The paradise we leave behind Sparring partner kissed in joy A baby girl, a baby boy! Mater Mothers, busway views A city office and shiny shoes A family grows oh so fast To turn future dreams to happy past A chance to give back comes along Living Brisbane as my Song. A joyous chorus clear and true Love this city old and new.

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