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Highlights and Challenges December 2012
18 Dec 2012
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As a result of the Council’s organisational restructure, there was also a lot of physical movement occurring and no one was really exempt from its impact. Accordingly, the month of December 2012 was punctuated by the physical relocation of the Gympie Regional Council Community Development Team.  Moving from our little heritage house at 3 Mellor Street, to the building known as the old morgue building at 24 Mellor Street presented a challenge in itself.  Physically having to move all my stuff, made this little CDO reflect on and appreciate the amount of resources and materials we have developed in this recovery and resilience space over a 12 month period.

The reinstallation of the main street Christmas banners was another nice visual reminder of the great things our community is achieving. 

Not being allowed to rest on my laurels and cruise into the end of the year, we have also:

i) Had a meeting with community leader, Wendy Jakeman and Ruth from Women’s’ Health to scope out the development of a Resilience Building Workshop series we will be rolling out in the new year;

ii) Began discussions on the development of a preparedness board game based on research involvement, scenarios and role plays;

iii) Stared sorting out our insurance arrangements for the SES BBQ Trailer and the Cooking with Conversations Program scheduled to start in Feb 2012

iv) Borrowed the idea from Tablelands RC and started getting prices for Chain Saw training.

v) Developed an exciting new partnership with our local Choice, Disaster Recovery Services in the availability of facilitation skills and psychological flexibility training

VI) We had a Christmas get together with some members from our Resilient Leaders Network. This provided the opportunity to say ‘thanks’, wrap up the year, explore what will happen in the 2013 and meet a few members of established community response groups.

vii) Presented a report to Council on the reflections, learning and highlights from Novembers’ LGAQ Community Wellbeing Symposium and commenced implementing some of our own recommendations (e.g. remodeling the entrance foyer at the front of our building).    

viii) Last, but by no means least, we got to see the prototype of the Resilience Toolkit Iphone App.  Desktop preview: https://codiqa.com/view/5bab9ac6  Mobile preview: https://codiqa.com/view/5bab9ac6/phone 

ix) Received some more great feedback on the Resilience Toolkit and advice that it should be doing the ‘Award circuit’…whatever that means :-)

All in all, December was been another great month. I think we are all looking forward to a bit of downtime, R & R and an opportunity to recharge for the home stretch in 2013.

Personally, I would like to thank each and every one of you involved in the CDEI Program. Your passion, commitment, dedication, professionalism and most of all friendship has been truly heartfelt and it’s been my absolute privilege to have been on the crazy ride with you and most of all, to know that I have not been alone. 

Thank you! Stay safe and look forward to more fun and games in 2013.


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