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Music making
24 Dec 2012
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This submission is from a group of people rather than from one person. Is called the ICO (Indooroopilly Chamber Orchestra), which has done much to provide opportunities for: a persons who play musical instruments to work as a group, improve their skills and present several concerts each year, mainly of music from the baroque, classical and romantic eras. b provide those wishing to hear such performances with opportunities to attend them, without having to travel to the city centre, although we have performed in St. John's Cathedral, the Customs House and the Baptist Tabernacle as well as suburban venues. c For some years we have donated the proceeds from one concert a year to those in need or to charitable organizations. The ICO grew out of the desire of two families in the 1960s that their children should learn to play musical instruments. Over time their efforts paid off and others joined in, so successfully that they formed an orchestra. It has now grown to to about 40 members, who rehearse regularly between performances. President Faith Lewis Secretary Patrick Johns Treasurer Lou Muller Foundation membes R. Teakle & R Teakle

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