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Tribute to our pioneer ancestors
24 Dec 2012
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My Great, great grandfather Bobby Cribb arrived in Brisbane in 1849 on "the Fortitude", when Moreton Bay was a small colonial outpost. Despite many hardships the new immigrants saw it as a land of enormous opportunity and potential. Through hard work and ingenuity he established a business, built a home and represented the interests of the Moreton Bay settlement in the NSW Legislature. He fought for separation from NSW and proudly went on to serve in the first Queensland parliament. Today we are cynical about what motivates politicians, but in those early days it was about creating a community and enbracing a vision for its future. I look at this town now and marvel at how its changed from those early days when Bobby Cribb camped by a series of water holes at York's Hollow (now Victoria Park) and set up a bakery along a dirt track called Queen Street.

Queen St Victoris Park York's Hollow
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