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Life from a Baby Boomer's Viewpoint!
30 Dec 2012
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Hello. We are a 'senior' pensioner couple - I am 65 years old and my husband of 40 years is now 71 years. Ray works 2 days per week as a Chef (his long-term profession) and I volunteer at our local Council in the Environmental Centre 10 hours per week. We are parents to two daughters and step-parents to a further 3 kids and grandparents to a total of 14. We have rented our home out on the Sunshine Coast at Coolum Beach and currently reside in Brisbane due to the GFC. I have battled Cancer for a number of years now along with general ill-health, but am forever grateful for a supportive and loving husband and family. We have two toy poodles named Goldie 10 years and Gemma 8 years and a ginger cat called Simba who is also 8 years and 3 fish! We are happy in our life with many family and friends and love to travel both interstate and overseas. Hope you enjoy reading this snapshot of our lives in 2012 in Brisbane, Queensland.

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