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This is me... 2012
31 Dec 2012
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Hi My name is Charlotte and I am eight years old. I start year 4 in 2013. My favourite things to do are play netball and to kick the ball around in the back garden with my family. We're lucky as we have a really large garden so we have lots of room to play. My sister is really into technology like computers, ipods and ipads, but I'm not into that stuff. I like to play outside. I sponsor an orangutan in Borneo and his name is Wiggly. Orangutans are my favourite animal, but they are under threat in their environment as humans are cutting down their trees. Some people say there won't be any orangutans in the wild in 10 - 20 years time (2022 - 2032). I hope that when you are reading this in 50 years, there are still orangutans in the wild. When I grow up, I am going to work to protect the orangutans. Bye, Charlotte.

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