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My life - Lyla McLeod
1 Jan 2013
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My name is Lyla McLeod and I am 6 years old. I go to Wishart State School and this year I will be in grade 2. I live with my mum, dad, brother and my dog - Nero. I have a tall bed and to get into bed at night I have to step up on a ledge. I go to gymnastic on Wednesdays after school with my bff Ruby French. I am in the splits club at gymnastic which means I can do the splits. My brother right now is watching Diego on the dvd. He and I like to play teachers - I am the teacher and he is the student. In fact, when I finish school I want to be a teacher on school days and a gymnastic teacher on the weekend. I have just learnt how to ride my bike without training wheels. I love to dance, sing, watch abc3 and play with my bf - Ruby.

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