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52 Years Jubilee
1 Jan 2013
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“52 years, more like 3 life sentences,” Grandpa joked as sunrise greeted him and his wife of 52 years. Today (December 31st, 2012) is Reginald and Marion’s 52nd anniversary. From their first date in 1959 they knew they were in Love, even though Grandpa was from Brisbane and Gran was from Sydney – hometown rivals, star crossed lovers. By my age, 22 (the same age as pop stars Taylor Swift and Adele), my Gran was married and had a small toddler, my mum.

My grandparents have lived in their Queenslander style home for many years, it is close to everything they need: public buses, public library, police station, and shops (including the best butcher!) – it is perfect. The high stilts, wooden frame, and tin roof give the house a charming exterior character complimented by the lively personalities living inside. I step back in time once I’ve ascended the front stairs, walked across the shag rug and entered the linoleum-tiled kitchen. Gran proceeds to make me a warm ‘cuppa (no matter what the mercury on the thermometer shows) and we all discuss life, memories, and the news – “Did you hear Prime Minister Gillard spoke at Woodford? I wish I had gone!” We eventually say goodbye and exchange hugs and kisses.

Statistically (unlike previous generations) my generation is marrying later in life, women have more workforce opportunities, and technology increases have made long distance relationships worlds easier. Using modern technology my Grandparents have now seen their daughter (mum), my siblings, and their first great granddaughter - Celeste Winter, born on the American Winter Solstice oceans away. Although the world in 2012 still faces challenges (sexism, marriage equality, the environment - to name a few), I know there is great hope for solutions in the future. My Grandparents are a true inspiration for hard work, great communication, and above all things Love.

Happy Anniversary! Happy New Year! xoxo Love Always.

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