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Force of Nature
6 Jan 2013
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When the floods hit in 2011, had to send Susan highly pregnant to her parents as our power was out and I was worried about what might be in the waters. On 3/2/2011 when Nele was about to be born by Cesarian, we expected things to be back on track, but then Yasi swept a large number of pregnant women into the Mater over night, and so our little Brisbanite had to adjust its plan. Turns out she is a bit of w whirlwind herself. In a few days we are now expecting number two, hopefully without too many unexpected forces of nature... Later this year we will travel to Germany. I hope that the Brisbane and Queensland we will come back to in two or three years will still have the open-minded, socially-aware, egalitarian and hands-on community that I have come to admire in those days in 2011 and that I hope will form the template of our families behavior whereever we go.

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