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Quarterly Highlights and Challenges
14 Jan 2013

Its the same old story, we either have the time and no money or money and no time - then when it comes together we are hit with a long stretch of unforgiving hot weather.  Landscaping has been postponed, and burning off delayed as well.  Fordham Park is looking more and more like a 'loved' facility, the grassed areas are slashed and structures painted, new horse stables are built, and stalls (not stables) are marked out in readiness for building.

Volunteers have been consistenetly beavering  away, with an average of 8 workers a week donating up to a day.  A schedule of works is located at the Council Depot, and volunteers look at this schedule, pick a task then get themselves ready to do that task.  Whilst this seems like an ad-hoc approach, it does allow flexibility and spontanaeity of 'gifts' of labour.  Memberships have grown to over 170 during this period, Fundraising and the Friday night raffles are both profitable and well received, (it also helps to promote the Jockey Club and the Races).  More and more people are coming on board, with new activites planned by the committee to keep the level of interest going.  Challenges - keeping the momentum going in spite of the 40 and above temperatures since November.  Theft of a roll of Poly pipe, outraged members, a quick whip around resulted in the roll being replaced and laid to bring water from the town supply to the facility.  There is significant pride and ownership in the facility, at this stage it is almost an all-male activity, although a small team of ladies are busy setting cuttings and plants for the autumn planting.

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