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Creative Pathways - Dance
18 Oct 2012

Two days of learning for young people across the region - the Creative Pathways team provided insights into the world of Creative Arts, Dance and Performance.

Held in Barcaldine over three days from October 18, twenty-one  participatnts between the ages of 10 - 26 explored Hip Hop dance, graffitti art, visual art and photography.  Co-funded through RADF and CDEI Brokerage funding, the participants explored new relationships and networks, building social skills, and empowering youth in the region.

This activity will also up-skill young people to participate in the proposed "Shockwave Youth Festival'  in May. 

The outcomes for particpants were 'increased confidence and self-esteem' and this was clearly demonstrated by the Concert performance by them on the last night.

Community Capacity Building CDEI Brokerage Funds Community Development Officers Culture Recovery Rural/Regional
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