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Shed West Project
19 Dec 2012
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This high capacity Men's Shed is providing a friendly and supportive environment for more than 140 members and responding to a range of needs identified by local charities and community organisations. The Men's Shed operates out of a Council-owned facility and the membership has long outgrown the available workshop space. The storage shed will free up space in a tight workshop environment by storing materials, consumables and small plant and equipment in a dedicated area. This will allow more members to participate safely in workshop activities and members with restricted mobility will have easier access to a range of equipment. Shed West is proposing to cover more than 50% of the cost of the project.

Statistics from the 2005 and 2011 Commonwealth Census confirmed that the average age of men in the Pullenvale Ward is above the national average and with the "Baby Boomer" surge beginning,

 Shed West expects greater need for its facilities and services in the near future.

The shed is currently open to its members on weekday to participate in wood and metalwork.

There is also a mentoring program being offered through the Men’s Shed for male school students.



Shed West wants to build this storage shed to allow materials, consumables and small items of plant and equipment to be stored in a dedicated area and free up work space in the Men’s Shed. In so doing it will allow both increased numbers to participate in a safer working environment and members with restricted mobility access to the shed’s range of equipment.


Shed West caters for men of all ages, part of shed's function is to increase social inclusion, reduce isolation, monitor members feeling depressed and provide facilities to work on personal projects or contribute to the activities we undertake for the previously mentioned community organisations and causes. Both provide a sense of purpose for older men particularly those recently retired or marginalised in the local community.


All members unanimously support the project proposal and those with appropriate skills have provided input with ideas for the design, layout and fit out of this shed.




This project will provide:

- Greater space for more men to become involved in activities

- Easier access to equipment for members with mobility issues

- A sense of community and belonging

- Support for emerging sheds in flood affected suburbs

- A pool of skilled volunteers able to assist communities during times of disaster

- Opportunities for men to develop skills in decision making, problem solving and negotiation



- Erection of a storage shed allowing for greater workspace

- A range of new activities including woodcarving, parquetry, furniture making and restoration, chainsaw sculpting, specialised welding techniques, model engineering and building, pottery, upholstery and leatherwork, engine repair and servicing

- Support and networking opportunities for emerging sheds in targeted flood affected suburbs of Brisbane

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