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Athens Flooded Storm Hits With Heavy Rainfall February 2013
3 Mar 2013
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Athens in Greece is flooded due to a massive storm that hit on 22nd Friday 2013 and brought with it heavy rainfall, homes are flooded, streets awash with mud and cars. Chalandri was hit bad with commuters having to climb out of their cars on to the roofs, a river burst leaving mud and high volumes of water flowing through the suburb. Aegaleo, Nikaia, Haidari and Peristeri regions are among the worst hit. The Pikrodafni river and the Ilissos river overflowed and broke their banks as the resulting surge of water and mud shot through the streets taking everything that was not bolted down with it. Due to the torrential rainfall a state of emergency has been declared, two people are reported dead already, a police officer who was swept away and drowned in his car. The other a 23 year old women who died from what reports are claiming to be a heart attack after getting stuck in the northern suburb of Halandri. People have been left stranded in what some claim to be the biggest storm to hit Greece in over 50 years. In Parliament a worker has fallen through a glass roof before an actual debate was about to take place, the worker was sent to fix a leak in the roof but slipped and fell through. The rain has caused power cuts and parked cars have been swept away. There are cars stuck on various highways and tow trucks have been dispatched to clear them. Said Dimitris Papanagiotou, a senior officer, told Greek television. 900 calls have been made to the emergency services, up to 2.3 inches of water fell in only a few hours. Highways and underpasses have been closed, subway metro stations are closed, the tram system was down for more than an hour and public transportation is no longer running. Urban rail schedules were delayed after a tree fell on the track. Meteorologist Yannis Kallianos said that it had been the worst storm since 1961. It is not unusual for Greece to experience heavy rain during its brief winter period but the old drainage systems can not handle such volume and often remain clogged for long periods of time.

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